Next week is Red Ribbon Week. Red Ribbon Week is observed to promote a healthy lifestyle, drug prevention, and making positive choices. I have posted the different themed days that we have scheduled for next week.  We look forward to your child’s participation.

Have a GREAT weekend!!!

  • Monday, October 27: Day 6

    • “Wear Red Day” – Red Ribbon Week Kick-off
  • Tuesday, October 28: Day 1

    • “Tacky Tourist Tuesday” – Explore the world not drugs.
  • Wednesday, October 29: Day 2
    • “Winter Wednesday” – Freeze drugs in their tracks.
  • Thursday, October 30: Day 3

    • “Super Hero/Character Day” – Be SUPER and don’t do drugs.
  • Friday, October 31: Day 4

    • “Comfy Friday” – Live a comfortable life and don’t do drugs.