Staff & Contacts

Office Phone Number: 717-284-4135 Fax: 717-284-5954

Administration and Office Staff

Principal: Christine Smith

Dean of Students: Ken Webster

Administrative Assistant: Jocelyn Garcia

Administrative Assistant: Dorothy Bleacher


Ayres, Mrs. Gretchen - Nurse

Aungst, Mr. Bradley - Social Studies (Gold Team - Team Leader)

Bauman, Mrs. Brittany – Social Studies

Buzzelli, Miss Danielle - Learning Support

Bitts, Mrs. Laura - Math

Brown, Mr. Adam - Guidance

Burger, Miss Jenna - English

Costello, Mrs. Courtney - Learning Support (Learning Support - Team Leader)

Croft, Miss Danielle - Reading

Evans, Mr. Steve - Tech (Cultural Arts - Team Leader)

Foulk, Mrs. Julianne - Science

Gehres, Mrs. Jaime - Spanish/Reading

DeMille, Miss Alicia - English

Hankle, Mrs. Amy - Learning Support

Harman, Mrs. Christine - Science (Blue Team - Team Leader)

Masten, Mrs. Sara - Chorus/Band/Orchestra/Sectionals (Second Semester)

McLaughlin, Mrs. Erika - Science (Green Team - Team Leader)

McAnally, Mrs. Leesa - Academic Support Teacher

TBD - Technology Support Specialist

Nadig, Mrs. Nancy - Librarian

Oler, Miss Rachel - Reading

Orihuel, Mrs. Lori - Gifted

Paparo, Mrs. Patricia - Math

Schieber, Ms. Cindy - Art

Sheaffer, Mr. Brett - Social Studies

Smoker, Mrs. Lindsey - Health/Physical Education

Tanis, Miss Phoebe - English

Thai, Mr. Charles - 7th Grade Music/Band/Orchestra/Chorus (First Semester)

Ulmer, Mr. Shaun - Computer

Vinson, Mr. Daryn - Math

Technology Support


Phone: (717)872-9500 x1776